“together we create a better life to live!”
Our story

our story

Carbo Namibia (Pty) Ltd, a truly Namibian company, is situated in Grootfontein, in the northern part of Namibia.

Our charcoal operations started back in 2005 in a shed, being a small charcoal producing and processing plant. Carbo Namibia’s operations have since expanded into a multi-functional, conveyor- based and electrical/ electronically supported sieving-, processing- and manufacturing plant.

Our story

Space for earth:

A sustainable solution for bush encroachment, space for the cheetah to run and the recovery of original grazing for the wild antelope and farm animals.

Our story

Space for the country:

Adds value on locally produced commodities and earn foreign currency.

Our story

Space for namibians:

Job creation, extra income for people in rural and communal areas, support to upcoming and commercial farmers.

Our story

Space for the people of the world:

A “braai-space” for people to enjoy life with family and friends from all over the world.


Better lifebetterlife



The Oshivambo people of Namibia say: “oshinakuwanifa”
... a man has the responsibility to feed his children, to lead his son to become a man!

we care for the bread and butter of our people, the well-being of the earth, and the sustainability of our country!

Carbo Namibia fully complies with the Namibian Law and exercises good business practices. Furthermore we are FSC® certified to guarantee our commitment to the earth and people through a management system that is annually audited by international recognized auditors.

Better life

We do like a “braai”

If barbeque is the way to get your meat, bread or veggies done, then “braai”is a bit more ...

... it is a happening or gathering of family, friends and strangers to share life’s bitter and sweet!

... it is the experience of Africa’s UBUNTU:
“I am what I am because of who we all are”

A “braai” is the space for a great story to happen while enjoying the gifts of the presence!

Better life
Better life
Better life


restaurant charcoal lump wood (barbeque) Instant light BBQ briquettes called barbeque charcoal, range from between 20 mm to 59 mm. This product is packed into smaller bags of 3 kg to 5 kg

Barbeque charcoal (lump wood)

This is the more common form of charcoal which we normally use for barbeques on a day-to-day basis. It is available at most of our local service stations grocers. The size of lump wood, also called barbeque charcoal, ranges from 20 mm to 59 mm. This product is packed into smaller bags of 3 kg to 5 kg.

Instant light

This product is not only screened (sieved/sorted) and packed like restaurant charcoal and barbeque charcoal. In essence Instant light is lump wood (20 mm to 59 mm) that is dipped into a flammable wax and cooled down. It is packed into smaller 1 kg /1,5 kg pockets which are then bagged into 3 kg /4 kg bags. This is a very user-friendly product as the 1 kg pockets (wax covered charcoal) can be easily lit in its packed form to ensure a clean BBQ experience.


Briquettes are manufactured at Carbo Namibia in an automated Briquette plant. To manufacture briquettes, charcoal is crushed into a fine powder. Water and starch is then added as a binding component after which it is pressed into briquettes and dried in an oven. The cooled down briquettes are packed into 3 kg to 5 kg bags.

Restaurant charcoal

This is a top quality product which contains charcoal pieces with a diameter of no less than 60 mm. This product is packed into 10 kg to 15 kg bags and is typically used in restaurants such as steak houses and pizzerias. Nowadays it is also the choice of many home cooks who seek the best!


quality control

Quality is our guarantee to customer’s satisfaction, therefore we use a well - documented quality control system.

To ensure quality products are produced, manufactured and sold, various tests and checks are performed throughout the different stages of Carbo Namibia’s processes. A well - equipped team manages the whole quality control system.



Carbo Namibia
operates out of a building with a
total floor space of 4250 square meter.

All charcoal procured from local
producers go through the
Screening (Sieving / Sorting) Plant.


The instant light plant

The instant light plant process entails dipping the barbeque charcoal in a liquid wax (Sasol Wax C) to give the Lump wood a wax cover that is easy to light. The waxed charcoal is then cooled down for packing.

The packing plant

The packing plant is well equipped to provide the customer with a final product, ready for distribution. We pack our own brand, but also do customized packaging to the specification of customers.
All products can also be stacked and palletised to customers‘ specifications.

The briquette plant

The briquetts plant is fed with the Fines (4 mm - 19 mm) from the sieving and sorting phase. This charcoal type cannot be sold as barbeque charcoal The Fines are crushed into to a very fine, flour-like powder and is then mixed with starch (a binding component) and water. This clay-like mixture of charcoal powder, starch and water is pressed into briquettes. The pressed briquettes are dried (baked) in an oven, fuelled by coal, and cooled down for packing. The briquetting plant has a capacity of 3 tons per hour.

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